The Craft Safari Europe : An Indian handmade experience

 Welcome to Craftsafari Europe– an artisanal store which promotes ethnic Indian handicrafts , accessories and weaves from rural Indian villages.

Go ahead and browse through our collection of magnificent Indian Handicrafts which includes brass miniatures ,Dokra art from Orissa, Chattisgarh & Bihar. We have beautiful handmade fabric jewellery in vibrant colors , ancient Patachitra & tribal Lambhani ornament collections. Wooden stamp blocks & Tea light holders from Uttar Pradesh and a variety of chosen unique handicrafts are showcased here.
We are committed to promoting the age old techniques and supporting the artisans who uphold them passionately even now , when many of these art forms are slowly fading away. All products are ordered and sourced responsibly from certified craftsmen. It’s a one-stop-shop for detail- oriented art lovers in Europe to experience these exceptional handicrafts and stunning jewellery .