Aranmula Metal Mirror(Souvenir Gift)

Aranmula Metal Mirror(Souvenir Gift)

£80.00 GBP

Authentic & Traditional Aranmula Metal Mirror with hologram sticker on the back to validate its authenticity.

This is a traditional  Handheld mirror ,exquisitely handcrafted by artisan in Kerala. Craftsmen use traditional, indigenous methods and materials to produce this mirror. It takes great practice and tremendous amount of focus and patience to produce this piece of art. Great as house warming  and return Gifts. Could be passed on to generations to generations. It takes time to make each of these unique mirrors and is not  easily accessible. 

Materials: Copper ,Tin and Brass

Dimensions : Length: 7.5 inches  Width: 3.8 inches

The proper maintenance of the metal mirror, requires the mirror to be kept under room temperature and also away from heat and dust. It is recommended to touch the brass and the mirror surface with a soft cloth provided along with the package.