Vintage Banjara collections

Gypsies of India... The Banjaras, also called Lambadi are a nomadic people who migrated to the Indian states of Rajasthan and Karnataka. The legacy of these tribal women highlights the beauty of this adornment. Various Lambani jewellery symbolises the different aspects of the nomadic life and cuture. The process of this jewelry making is, however, a highly skilled-intensive one.The craft and process is deeply rooted in the Lambani craftsmen, and is gradually skidding on to the modern fashion scene. In an ode to the lost skill, hand-picked collections are available @ The Craftsafari Europe , all ethically sourced items. Since these are Vintage handmade art, please do not expect them in perfect condition. These could have some minor imperfections.
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Boho Yellow Lilac threaded Necklace