Vintage copper coated bells

‘Crude hand beaten bells taking shape in the furnace under the watchful eye of the blacksmith’, this visual description of the craft has remained unchanged over centuries.. The bell is made of iron and coated primarily with copper, along with a few other metals. They are made from scrap iron sheets which are repeatedly beaten to join together and to give them the required shape. The metal parts are neatly joined by expert hands by a locking system without any kind of welding. Then they are coated with powdered copper with the help of mud paste and then heated in a furnace to fix the powdered copper on the surface of the bells. Once cooled and ready, a wooden piece is attached to the center of the bell for that characteristic sound which is beautifully sonorous. Denting of the bell to get the perfect pitch is also done by hand, by repeated beating with a hammer. It takes a lot of expertise and very careful and sensitive use of sound as well as touch. Nowadays, this craft is gaining popularity as decorative items not just because they have a beautiful sound, but because they are integral to memories that merge craft with tradition and history.

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Leather hanging Yellow Copper bell
Leather hanging pink Copper bell
Vintage 5 chimes Bell